Cup filling machine is applied for high viscous and low viscous liquid product; Also, this one can fill solid product as nuts, popcorns, etc. The UV lights section is for disinfecting the cups and it is located before filling the product. 2 types of seals are available which are foil seal and roll seal. Filtered air positive pressure inside the production space by using HEPA filter 99.99 efficient and UV lights. Many special alternatives can be added as customer desire and the capacity range is 2000 to 20000 Cups Per Hr (CPH).

• Emergency doors stop
• CSA Standard (Canadian Standard)
• PLC and HMI controller
• 2 Lines to 20 Lines (2000 to 20000 CPM)
• Servo Motor
• CIP (clean-in-Place)
• HEPA Filter + UV lights
• Modular Conveyor